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  • 20141209
  • 20140929
    Just saying
    I've been playing Sims4 for a week. To begin with I made five households. Three of them had parents with children. After playing the first day,the mother in one family was pregnant. I played my two households with single guys DrewRogers and Birch Stetler for two days. The next time I went back to my families with children, the mom who was pregnant had had her baby, it was named and had grown into a child already. The other children had grown into teenagers who are as big as the adults. bangdesk

    I do like...
  • 20140910
  • 20140831
    Single, looking for love
    Drew Rogers

  • 20140910
    I'm so happy! My new computer came in today. My son is going to pick it up tomorrow. Can hardly wait to play with my Simmies.
  • 20140519
  • 20140904
    Jeffery Harris

    Here's my Sim Jeffery Harris.

  • 20140904
    Nick Carras

    Here's my Sim Nick Carras.

  • 20140422
    Unable to play for 3 days
    I fell and twisted my knee last Thrusday morning. My son has been rolling me back and forth from my bedroom to the livingroom. My computer chair was too hard to get out of, so I was unable to use my computer and play Sims2. My knee feels better today.
  • 20130402
    Rhys Sawyer's Childern

    Oldest child:  Ryan Carlson
    His mother is NPC Maid Jasmyn Carlson, he was forced to marry Carrie Edwards because she was pregnant with their twin sons Joseph and Jeffery (childern), Carrie is now pregnant with their 3rd child and Ryan is having an affair with Sarah Adams

    2nd son Kevin Anderson
    His mother is...
  • 20130423
  • 20130502
    Due to my husband starting kemo treatments for his cancer, my own failing health and my Photoshop on my PC still being messed up I will only be doing updates of my game. The neighborhood of Buford Falls has several babies due, several childern have birthdays coming, there will be some future weddings and funerals that I plan to write about


  • 20130508
    I'm so happy! The pictures in my files are showing up correctly again. It's so much easier and quicker to find the pics for my stories.
    Now if I can figure out how to use the new Photobucket, I'll be able to rewrite some of my old stories that were on The Exchange.
  • 20130323
    The next part to Picket Fences
    I was writing Part 73 to my story in my Penzu diary. It was almost completed when I must have hit Delete instead of Save bangdesk and it disappeared. I wasn't too worried because Penzu usually keeps deleted files in Trash for 30 days. But when I checked Trash, Part 73 to Picket Fences wasn't there. I don't know what happened to it. Now I'm disqusted and upset with myself. I guess I shouldn't write when I'm tired and sleepy. tired
  • 20130127
    I had to reinstall my game again. I saved most of my cc, but have to decorate houses and put the families in them.
  • 20121220
    Now that the Sims2 Exchange is deffinitely closing for good, I'm deleting Lizzy's Story and A Victorian Legacy. I'll eventually delete Papa Says, Return To Papa Says and the parts of Blood Brothers that require a link to the exchange.
  • 20121125
    The Sims2 Exchange is back up! I'm going to post the last few parts to Lizzy's Story while the links are working. Smile
  • 20121007
    I posted the cover photos and the links to the first 5 parts of "Lizzy's Story!" and the first 5 parts to "A Victorian Legacy!" When I wrote them in 2007 before I discovered bodybuilders. Some of the characters were involved with ones in the other story and I had intertwined the two stories in some parts. The pictures could be better, but back then with the computer I had, I could only play with the picture quality set on medium. I also forgot to keep the walls up to take pictures occassionaly. I knew absolutely nothing about photo editing.
  • 20120918
    I have all the pictures for the next part to my story uploaded to Photobucket. I went there to start posting them and Photobucket is having a problem displaying over half of them. I already deleted them from my Storytelling file, so I'll just have to wait until Photobucket is working again. I should have uploaded them to instead I think, but Photobucket has a good photo editing program and doesn't.
  • 20120823
    I'm back! My internet was down for 5 days! The guy from Comcast came this morning at 9:45 and fixed it in about 15 minutes. At least I could play my game without internet. I'll start working on Part 48 of Picket Fences! today.
  • 20120806
    I just finished posting the last part to "The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde!" Now I can play my Sims in Buford Falls and work on the next part to "Picket Fences!"
  • 20120730
    The new posebox for posing just arms and legs makes the Sims look stiff and silly. I took it out of my game.

    Today I posted the first 4 parts of "The Life and Times Of Ralf Wylde!" from PlumbBob Keep to this site. It consists of 35 parts, so I'll do a few at a time.
  • 20120728
    I really like the posebox I downloaded from ModtheSims. I've been trying to use it in my story more. Although some of the poses for guys look natural, there's only one or two for gals that don't look stiff and posed. The poses for guys look nice for group shots. I think this one of Rhys and his sons looks good.

  • 20120709
    I found a posebox on ModtheSims that has some great natural looking modeling poses. I had a good time taking pictures of Rhys. There's about 20 different poses for guys. Here's a few that are my favorites:

  • 20120702
    I came across this Writer's Dream Tool with phrases, etc for the different years. It's interesting to see how much things change from decade to decade.

    The new teenage character (Nathan Jordan) in my story is another Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sim I found. He looks a lot like the other one (Jonathan Henry) I have in my story. I made the new one a teenager in CAS so he could be...
  • 20120621
    Well, I still haven't had Arlene's or Shannan's weddings yet. My son and his wife came over last night and didn't leave until late. I enjoyed their visiting, but didn't get to play Sims2 while they were here.
    I guess the next part to my story will show Noah and Carrie's birthday parties.
    Then I'll devote the part after that to Arlene and Jimmy's wedding and Shannan and Jonathan's wedding.
    Now all I need is more time to play. tired
  • 20120620
    flower I posted my models Regan and Sarah's pictures for Round One Theme in The Sims2 Top Model Contest. Now that that's done, I can work on the next part to "Picket Fences!" Claudia and Rhys' son Noah and MaryLou and Peter's daughter Carrie grew up into childern last night. Now they will be able to attend the weddings coming up today.
  • 20120619
    I was busy on and off most of the day yesterday downloading formal clothes for the wedding guests. I found bib-front tuxs for the teens and used them to create tuxs for my SBB and AM in Bodyshop. I was really pleased how they turned out. Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I also changed some of the dressier women's everyday dresses to formalwear. I'm hoping to have Arlene and Jimmy's wedding today.
  • 20120603
    HI! I have finished posting all 48 parts to "Papa Says!" The last part was a promo for "A Cowboy Legacy!" It didn't make it to 10 Generations, but some of the Sims in the legacy are main characters in "Return To Papa Says!" So I've decided to post "A Cowboy Legacy!" and then "Return To Papa Says!" It's going to be a busy summer. lol1

    I'm playing Sims2 tonight to get more pics for the next part of "Picket Fences!"

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