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[solved]Can't Install Games - Ep's or Sp's!

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1 [solved]Can't Install Games - Ep's or Sp's! on Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:40 pm


hello2 all! Helpppp Please.... I am doing my unhappydance unhappy dance right bout now. I finally started my process to reinstall my games on my husband's comp. Well, did not go well at all. unhappydance

I uninstalled all packs except my DD, then when I went my OFB, I kept getting this message that Packs were already install or available. Can't remember which right now. I went and checked everything and no signs of the packs that were there before or anywhere. Just my DD, so I tried a few more times and received the same message. :afraid:

Decided to just not try to install OFB and move on. Well, I loaded 'Seasons' - no problems. Smile Tried to load BV (Bon Voyage) and the first CD loaded, then message asked me for the 2nd CD. I put that one in, then when it was time to change back to the 1st CD, a message said "This product will now ensure your existing installation is up to date", then had an OK button to select. Under that message prompt was another message saying to, "Please Wait". I waited for about 5 - 10 mins and then selected the OK button. It never did ask me to insert the 1st CD like it did for my Seasons. unhappydance

When I selected the OK button, it said that it did not complete and will end or something, then it starts uninstalling and counting backwards.
rulez This went on for about 20 mins, so I tried to install my Freetime, and got same message. Being that it was alredy 5 a.m. in the morning, I decided to stop and try again when I wake up.

I was thinking, maybe I should just do a Restore and start over, but check here to see if anyone has had this problem and maybe get you take on what the problem may be. This has never happened to me before. I'm telling you, ever since I had to do a Restore after that virus, scaredy my XP has not been the same. I've been able to reinstall my games before on this comp, but now I'm have lots of issues.

Your feedback is most appreciated.

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2



that's the same problem i had from my recent install. i think the registry still has something of that left. i still miss family fun stuff :(

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Hi BBdoll. Try these tips:

You can also try these:

~ Close or end background tasks before installation. Programs running in the background steals away system resources on your computer, causing installation and game play problems, especially I've found, if you have Vista. Closing background tasks and disabling your Antivirus program before installation and game play will ensure proper installation and help boost performance when playing your game.
For Windows 7, Vista and XP users, right - click a blank space on the taskbar and select task manager. Click the processes tab to view the list of processes running at the moment. Click the User Name header to organize the processes by login. Click on any program listed next to your Windows Login, other than Explorerexe. and Taskmgrexe., then select the End Process button. The selected item will disappear from the list. Do not close any processes running under System, Local Service, or Network Service. Repeat the above until all programs associated to your Windows Login are closed except for Explorerexe., Taskmgrexe. and dwmexe.(Desktop). After installing your games, restart your computer restart the background tasks. Don't forget to enable your Antivirus program. Your games should install properly, but if they don't, try a manual installation and the above.

~ Emptying or cleaning your temporary folder:
Uninstalling your games leaves bits and pieces of the files behind in the Temp folder, that can prevent you from reinstalling your games.
To empty temp files for XP, click on run in the start menu and type %temp% then click ok. Click on one of the files in the folder that just opened, then press ctrl + A together to select all the files in this folder, then tap the delete key, then yes to all. For Windows 7 and Vista, in the start menu search box, type %temp% then hit the enter key. Click on the temp folder to open, then press ctrl + A together to select all files, then tap delete. When the window pops up asking if you want to delete the items select yes. If another window pops up and says of the remaining files, the action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program, click on skip until all windows close.

Let us know if you still have a problem after trying these solutions.



Wow! Thanks so much for the speedy feedback, hun. I can 'always' count on you for some good tips and help. I will try this later today and will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.

@ Sun, hope you were able to correct your prob.

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


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