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[solved]Reinstall & Crashing

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1 [solved]Reinstall & Crashing on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:14 pm


Sing-A-Gram Pro
Sing-A-Gram Pro
Sometimes my game will crash when I take my sims to lots that are downtown or in Blue Water.  I do clean out my Cache and accessories files every time I restart my game, but it still crashes.  Some of the houses like the Tinker family in Blue Water I can't even go into cause my game will crash over and over again.  Anything I can try to stop this from happening?

Also at one time I deleted my sims 2 folder and started fresh.  However, once I reboted my computer everything went back to the way it was.  So now I am wondering if I need to reinstall all my game for a clean slate.   In order to do this I need all my codes to reinstall and some of the sheets I don't have anymore.  I have all the disks but not the game codes.  I know on the exchage there was a posting on where to find them but with the exchange completely down I don't know what I can do.

Thanks for any and all help.

2 Reinstall & Crashing on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:35 pm

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
mickeywave Hi Toniad,

I've had some of the same problems that you've had. Which neighborhood or neighborhoods are you having the problem in? If it's one of the first three (PV, ST or VV), then you may have to go into the lot and "re-model" (if you have later EPs). I've had to add walls and roofs to make lots more playable for Seasons. If it's a community lot, then you may have to go in and do "up-dating" or "re-modeling." I'm not sure why this worked to then allow me to take the Sims to the store without it crashing. The lots were crashing both before I made it to the lot and after the Sims were there and buying things (they lost everything they had purchased and ended up back at home at the time before they left). If the residential lot is glitched, then you may have to go in and do some "re-modeling" or you may have to move your Sims out and then back in. On occasion that didn't work, so I went in and took measurements and then rebuilt the lot and moved the Sims into the new lot--deleting the old lot. Once the old lot is deleting you can rename the new lot the same as the old, if you want to. Often times, mods or hacks, ride along with other CC on lots.

The solution may be related to what is causing the problem in your game. In the first TS2 game that I played I did some VBTs (or Very Bad Things) that messed up my game (such as moving people in a house from one neighborhood to another via the Sim bin which leaves bits of files in the neighborhoods and leads eventually to) a massive game crash. If this is the case, then you may have to uninstall and reinstall your TS2 game, like I did. Fortunately, I saved all my disc cases along with the small instruction booklets that come in the case, so that, I could reinstall without any problem (sometimes my lnot always so great habit of saving things as close to original as possible, is helpful). Unfortunately, although I recall the information on reinstalling without the game codes I don't recall where you could get help on getting game codes if you don't have them.

You may be able to delete the questionable sub-hoods and start over with them if you don't have too much you want to save in them. When I was working with my second game to stop some crashing, I used some information that I found on figuring out game problems on MTS or Mod The Sims. It can be found by typing game help into the search area, at this site:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

(Sorry, I don't know how to make a link, here. I tried but no results--not real computer literate--I'm still learning.)

I've also used the ffslotdebugger also known as The Bat Box (because it is black with a yellow flying bat on the top) and, once downloaded, can be found under the Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous section in the buy mode. I think that MTS had a link to download this object but it's been a while and I'm not sure.

Also, most Simmers can solve their problem by simply resetting their problem neighborhood or neighborhoods. It's faster and simpler (and I'm thinking that it doesn't require the codes but I'm not sure) than unistalling and reinstalling. I saw that information on MTS as well. It has a link to SimsWiki for the information (which is where I found most the game help information that helped me restore my game to a playable status.

If you are unable to find any of this information and want to check it out, then let me know and I'll search for it but since I'm working tomorrow I may have to wait until Thursday or the weekend.

Were you downloading some CC before the crashes started? The last crash that I had (about a year ago) was after I downloaded a lot with a lot of CC. I was unable to get into the residential lots of the Caliente sisters that I had been playing. I think the offending CC was a mailbox mod or hack but I'm not sure. I followed the instructions on MTS (which includes saving your game to an outside sources such as a thumb or flash drive) before making any changes. I ended up deleting all the CC that I had downloaded on the day the crashing began because I was frustrated and didn't want to go through all the CC from that date to figure out which piece or pieces were the problem. And, I got my game back with all the previous CC in place and haven't had a problem since then.

I hope that you are able to get your problems figured out. I know from personal experience that it can be very frustrating when the game has many crashes. I did eventually get the problems figured out and I haven't had a game crash in a very long time. My last crash was over a year ago. And, I've been very, very careful about what I do while played the game and what I download in my game since then. I never download a lot with Sims in it and I'm extremely cautious about downloading lots without Sims in them wanting to know that the particular lot has never been played or had Sims in it or is a clean lot--otherwise you can get those file bits that eventually crash your game.

Lilly flower

3 Reinstall & Crashing on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:25 am


Sing-A-Gram Pro
Sing-A-Gram Pro
Hi Lily

I've tons of CC in my game and I do have a thing that searches all my cc to see if any of it conflicts with the game and I run the scan a lot and it never brings anything up. Most of my cc that I get nowadays is from MTS and that is pretty safe.

Downtown and Bluewater are my two hoods that crash. If I could get into some of the lots to revamp them I would, however when I try to go into a place like the Tinker home it crashes before it even loads so that makes it impossible to even get into the house to revamp it. I've even tried the cheat BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true/false to get into some of the places and that don't even work. In the downtown hood I only go to a few places because I know going to the others will crash my game. Only go the Cryt club and a store that sells magazines & cloths because it has a place to buy the cell phones for my sims. Only go to them two places because all the other ones downtown crash. I am currently playing in a house in downtown and haven't had any issues getting into the house, but the family hasn't ventured out at all.

I also have the little black box with the yellow bat and use it to clear my simmies memories thats all i know what to do with it really.

Thanks for the help Smile

4 Reinstall & Crashing on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:55 pm

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
I think that MTS is a very safe site, so it's not likely the CC if that's where you are getting your CC. (The two times my game crashed because of CC, the CC wasn't from MTS.)

The lots you are talking about in Nightlife that you are not able to enter: is that when you trying to take a Sim there while the screen is loading or, is it when you are in the neighborhood and try to enter the lot to check it out or to do some remodeling?

There's something that I want to check out in my TS2 game. I'll be back on later tonight or more likely tomorrow morning--it was a long day at work today and I'm pretty sleepy.

Other than the BatBox (which you described) do you have any other hacks or mods in your game? Sometimes they can conflict with each and cause in game play problems such as crashing. Also are you playing with any cheats on--sometimes that can cause problems. I primarily use the BatBox to clean up memory problems as well. Sometimes it works to help my game play better and sometimes it doesn't (like when I tried to clean up a very glitched apartment building in Belladonna Cove--no matter what they all fought, as in knock down, drag out fights even the Nanny when she came to care for Etsu Cho or Sally Riley spent a good deal of her time fighting with other tenants in the playground area--it didn't work and I moved out the Riley and Cho families, then deleted the lot and put another apartment on the lot).

Also, if you wouldn't mind would you please write back using black letters. I have a visual impairment and had an extremely difficult time reading the pink (although very pretty) letters. Thank you.

Lilly flower

5 Reinstall & Crashing on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:53 am

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
mickeywave Hi Toniad,

I did a bit more research to be more sure of my information. I think your best solution would be to onto MTS. Since you download from them, I'm assuming that you are a member.

Go to the Help section; then click on Game Help; then click on The Sims 2 logo; then you will come to the Game Problems: Game Help section. There are several problems with game crashes or freezes listed including when: loading a lot; in Create-A-Family (or Sim); viewing Buy or Build mode; while saving, etc. Going through this procedure is what I used to solve my game crashing problems and it worked beautifully. My suggestion would be to follow the procedure (even if you don't think it's a CC problem). [These pages are on SimsWiki.]

I also went into my game (it happened to be Belladonna Cove because that neighborhood in my game has all the sub-hoods added: Bluewater Village Shopping District; Downtown from Nightlife; University and Vacation Destinations. I looked at the first three.) Both Bluewater Village and Downtown have the same Sim Bin families as the main Belladonna Cove neighborhood and so these families can be placed in the main hood or the Bluewater and Downtown sub-hoods and can be deleted when you first pull up the icon for entering these sub-hoods (small delete icon of arrow and open file to lower right of pictures). University has a different Sim Bin with college students only and cannot be deleted upon bringing it up. However, it would be deleted if you deleted the main neighborhood. I am not recommending that you delete any sub-hoods or a neighborhood as you will lose all progress that you have made-just saying that the options are there. My first choice would be going into MTS and following their instructions. As you work throught these instructions you can pick the area that address your problems. Part of those instructions include a sections on doing a game back-up before doing anything else--always a very wise idea. Following this procedure was worth the time and effort that it took to stop some crashes that were occurring in my TS2 game.

I'm going to do some more looking to see if I can find the information on doing a game reset rather than a game reinstall as it's an easier solution and not as radical. Also, I think you can reset just one neighborhood (not sure about the sub-hoods).

Lilly flower

6 Re: [solved]Reinstall & Crashing on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:54 pm


Hi Tonia. Smile First of all, I think the problem is cc. No cc is exempt from causing conflict, even MTS. I have downloaded cc from MTS many times that caused crashes. Sometimes lots have hidden hacks in them that cause crashes, especially if you have more than one hack purposely installed they can clash together. The only way to find it is to sort through it until you find the offending cc. The Clean Pack Installer does not find bad cc as previously thought on the Sims 2 site. It is a installation program that can detect duplicate files and detect high poly content that could trigger a crash, but does not "find bad cc". Most "bad cc" is just cc with a super-high poly content that one's computer cannot handle. Unless you have an extremely good graphics card, you just have to be careful how much high poly cc (and how much cc) you put on your computer or it will cause crashes. My suggestion to you is copy your Neighborhoods folder to your desktop for safekeeping, then remove the Downloads folder also to the desktop, delete all the cache files, and then start you game to see if the crashes are still happening. If not, then there is some faulty cc somewhere that you need to find and remove. To do that you will have to remove all the cc from your Downloads folder and put a few cc back in at a time and start your game to see if it crashes. If you can't or don't think you can find it, perhaps the best thing for you to do is just delete your Downloads folder altogether and start from scratch.
As for resetting your neighborhoods, you do not need to uninstall/reinstall to reset it. To reset all neighborhoods, simply go to Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Neighborhoods and delete the Neighborhoods folder. (Yes you read that right - delete it! LOL) then delete the caches files and then start up your game; you will have all new neighborhoods! If you just want to reset a particular neighbor instead of all of them, go to Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Neighborhoods>[neighborhood you want] and delete that folder. Then go to C:>Program Files>EA GAMES>The Sims 2>TSData>Res>UserData>Neighborhoods>[neighborhood you want] and copy that neighborhood folder and then place it back into Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Neighborhoods. Delete the cache files, then restart your game and you will have a new neighborhood that you chose. It's pretty simple.

Here are the neighborhood codes:

N001 = Pleasantview.
N002 = Strangetown
N003 = Veronaville
F001 = Desiderata Valley
G001 = Riverblossom Hills
E001 = Belladonna Cove

You can retrieve the serial codes to your game from your computer by following these steps:

1. Click the "Start" button on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer for games still installed on your computer with Windows. Click the "Run" command in the right column, and allow the box to pop up.

2. Type "regedit" in the Run box. Wait for Registry Editor to pop up.

3. Find one of the key files titled "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" in the left column. Carefully click on this function without touching any other options. Click the cross sign to see the drop-down for "software." Be sure to only touch the left column, and do not enter any data into the right side of the registry editor. Doing so can be detrimental to the system.

4. Click the "Electronic Arts" tab below Software. Then click "EA Games."

5. Find the expanded box with all of the expansion packs and the original game listed. All of the Sims 2 games on your system will be listed here. Click to expand below the games you need your serial numbers for, and click "ergc." To the right of the screen in the open format, you will see the serial numbers to the game beside the game name.

6. Copy your serial numbers down manually--do not attempt to copy and paste them or even click on them in the right side of the screen. Then collapse the categories back to the way they originally were before you expanded them and exit the registry.

If you do not feel comfortable going into your registry, there is software that can retrieve the serial codes for you safely. You can download it here.


7 Crahes on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:35 pm


Sing-A-Gram Pro
Sing-A-Gram Pro
Thanks for all the help.

My lots crash my game as I am entering them even with the BoolProp cheat.

I normally don't play my game with cheats on. I had a business that started to crash so I have played with boolprop on for the hood just so it wouldn't crash. Seemed to work okay for that, however, the boxes that came up were all in regards to problems with the visiting sims :(

CindaLove thanks for the codes. I did find that earlier today, before going to work, but the codes I wrote down were not the right ones. I'm only missing a few, so I have some and I checked them against what I wrote down, and there weren't remotely close. I will check again tomorrow with your directions Smile

I also have loads and loads of cc. My games have always crashed when going into them for some reason. More so my downtown and bluewater. They seem to be my biggest issues :(. I do have a bunch of hacks as well. I do have that one program (yeah that helps I'm sure) that searches for issues with your game and it never finds anything except this mailbox thingy that I never use.

I mean I can live with my game crashing, just more of an annoyance than anything because it takes my game almost 30 minutes to load up...due to all my cc I'm sure.

I know about not having to uninstalling & reinstalling. I usually just delete my entire sims 2 that someplace. So when I re launch the game it creates a new one and all hoods are reset. The last time I did that though it did delete them, but then (with no cc installed) I closed out of the game and shut down my computer. I restared my computer, started the game back up, went to create a new hood and started playing. Then I noticed that all my cc was back in my game and I didn't put it there. Don't know how that happened at all.

I also have some cc files on my desktop have moved them all to my backup drive (external harddrive) and deleted them. When I restart my computer they all show back up on my desktop. Something is going on with my computer and I've had it looked at. Just frustrating in the least.

Last edited by CindaLove on Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:38 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : All Cap Words)

8 Re: [solved]Reinstall & Crashing on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:00 am


It sounds like the problem with your Downloads folder returning back could be that parts of your motherboard may have gone out on your computer, and then it will be just a matter of time before it goes out entirely. Another thing for you to check is to make sure all your graphics card drivers are up to date, by going to it's manufacturers site and downloading them. But it sure sounds like some conflicting cc and/or hacks causing the crashing too. You may be able to live with all the crashing, but it certainly is not good for your computer. And also having too much cc for your graphics card to handle could be the culprit, so you may also need to cut out some of the cc, and most likely you are going to have to go through the tedious task of sorting through your cc and hacks to see what is conflicting and causing the crashes. The fact that you say it takes 30 minutes to load your game is the big indicator that you definitely have way too much cc for your graphics card to handle and you do need to part with it, or get a higher end graphics card.

9 Crashings on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:16 am


Sing-A-Gram Pro
Sing-A-Gram Pro
Thanks CindaLove I never knew that before. I've thought about getting a new graphic card for a while now just haven't. Computer is almost 4 yrs old now (i think) and I never have upgraded the card so whatever I got when I bought the coumputer is still there.

Hopefully its nothing to do with the Motherboard cause that would be bad news and I would definately have to get a new computer than sad , but maybe that is the issue, cause my word program has been acting up as well and I can't get into fb game farmville2 keeps freezing up on me. I have family who works on computers so I will check with them to see what they have to tell me and hopefully I won't have to get a new computer.

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