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How to send pregnant sims to work or community lots?

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Is there a mod to send pregnant sims to work or community lots? Apparently, pregnant sims always say that they are as big as a balloon or whatever when they are prompted to go to a community lot. Maybe I can make pregnant sims drive a car to work. Will that help?

I just wondering, because, logically speaking, a sim pregnancy can last 3 days. If a sim is perpetually pregnant, then she can make a whole career out of collecting maternity leave money. The only downside would be not being promoted. I suppose that's sort of realistic, because women in the real world would pull time off from work to care for their families (children and the elderly). Still, I wish at least SOME of my female sims get the choice to actually go to community lots or work. Razz


Okay if you have the Apartment Life EP, it allows sims to walk to work or school. So with the AL EP you can just click on your pregnant sim and the walk to work option will come up. (a good way for sims to get rich - they'll still get their maternity pay along with a day's pay if you send your sim to work.) At first, pregnant sims couldn't go to community lots, but then EA released an EP that finally let them do that, but I don't remember which EP it is.(Sorry) Maybe somebody else can remember which EP for that. But if you have the AL EP you should definitely be able to send your pregnant sims to a community lot. I have all the EPs and SPs, and I am able to send my preggo sims to a community lot. Sorry I know of no hack that does that.


Do cars work? I'm going to see if cars work in my game. I would love to see pregnant sims being able to go to work or community lots. If not, then I'll just have to pretend that my pregnant sims have a "law" imposed on them, saying that staying at home while pregnant is mandatory. Very Happy


No, cars won't work, it has to be walking to work, which came with the AL Ep, or else they have to stay home. And if you walk your preggo sim to work, not only do they earn their work wages in addition to maternity pay, they can still earn promotions and any bonus pay that comes with that too.


I had no idea that pregnant sims couldn't go to work or
community lots when they got close to giving birth :shock: . I usually
have them stay at home for the 3 days of maternity leave
since their energy always seems to drain so fast. I learned
something new today:)

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
I have all the EPs and SPs. My Sims can drive to work and to take their children to school if they miss the bus. They can also walk to work. If my Sim is the owner of the car, they automatically take it to work. If they miss the carpool, then there is a time limit on when they can drive to work--the first hour or two. If a teen owns the car, then he or she automatically takes it to work.

As far as pregnant Sims go, until that 3rd day or sometime on the third day, they can leave the lot but since their needs drop so dramatically, I usually don't have them do it. There are other things that pregnant Sims can not do such as slide on the slide into the pool when they are on the 3rd day of pregnancy. As far as a pregnant Sim not leaving the lot just before she gives birth (or that 3rd day) I think it is so that when she gives birth she'll be at home and so will the NooBoo.

I usually have to watch my pregnant Sims if the car pool comes, even after they have maternity leave, they often try to go. But, even more often when they have had their NooBoo or NooBoos and have an additional 3 days off, they are more likely to try to go into work and if I'm not watching some have. This has necessitated having the remaining Sim call a Nanny quickly if they also have to go to work or school. It keeps things interesting. As far as I've noticed in my game, they get paid the same amount of money if they got into work or stay home. If they stay home; however, they do not get promotions or promotion bonuses. Lilly Smile

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