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127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished!

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1 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:50 am


hello2 Everyone!  mickeywave   This lot is a Fully Furnished version of, "1 Cresent Strip Beach House".  It is fully loaded, and I really do think your Sims will love living here.  Your Sim will have his own private beach to go swiming in the ocean!

This beautiful lot is 3-Story house, if you want to consider those (2) little rooms on top.  One room is a "Music Room" and the other one a, "Workout Room".  I have also created a  secret room for those more private Sims to read, or listen to music in peace.  Even a Sim needs a place to hide once in a while.  bounce

This house has a lot of space, and if you want to add rooms you can.  The master BR has the deep Red or Wine color carpet, offsetting with White furniture.  The Kit has lots of windows so your Sims can gaze at the ocean, and maybe see a beautiful sunset while they're eating.  cheers   There is also a deck on the 2nd Floor where your Sim can relax and gaze out at the ocean.

This lot has the following and was *Checked and Cleaned by “CI"*:

*127 Beach Crest Strip*
Home is 3-Story - Lot Size 60x50 
Estimated Costs of $276,530 $276, 117
3 Bedrooms/4.5 Baths (room for more bedrooms if needed).
2 Balcony's.
Romantic Hot Tub.
Music Room, Exercise Room & Game Area.
Extra Large Living Room.
Extra Large Kitchen & Dining Area.

*Special Thanks to the following creators for making this lot unique!*

by WindKeeper, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
 Lafenetre Round Window.

by InorantBliss@MTS2,
 Craftsman 1-Tile Door.

by MsBarrows (TSRAA)
 Thackaray Lounger
 Thackaray Dining Chair
 Thackaray Armless Dining Chair
 Thackaray Bookcase
 Thackaray Single Bed
     (Comfort 7 - Energy 7 - Environment 1)
 Thackaray Double Bed
     (Comfort 7 - Energy 7 - Environment 2)

by Artistic Habitats, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
 Grandma's Daffodils.

by Spaik@TSR
 Modern Balustrade in Red Marble
 Homespun Bannerless Ceiling Lamp.

by Phoenix-Phaerie
 Manor House Kitchen Epicurean Sink.

by by DGandy
 Oriental Fan.

by DGandy@Sims Fashion Barn
 Santa Fe Wrought Iron Bed.
     (Comfort 7 - Energy 7 - Environment 1)

by Justmoi,
 Majestic Glamour (Painting).

by shakeshaft@tsr**TSRAA**
   Mayfair Single Long Windows created.
   Mayfair Double Window.
  Mayfair Privacy Window.

by FreshPrince, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
  2009 Chevy Camaro Concept.
     (Comfort 9 - Energy 4 - Fun 9)    

** Extra Special Thanks to "Tricia", for the idea on creating the "Shade" for my Sims.

Select Spoiler to see more photos of this Lot!


Out -n- About...



@ Sunrise..

1st Floor...

Game Room..

Kitchen & Dinning Area..

**You will not see one of the counters here. Sims refused to clean
up, so had to remove and move chairs to side.

Living Room..

Hot Tub..

Master Bedroom...

Workout Room..

**Note: Room is rearranged due to faulty stairs.  They are working now!

Lot Checked and Cleaned by "CI".

Addition Info = This lot can be placed in the following Hoods.

Crystal Craters
Craderville  (Not Tested)
Deserada Valley (Not Tested)
Steelwater Cove

mickeywave************ mickeywave

Select your Choice Lot Below to Own…

Select *4shared*:
*Download Here*

Select for*MediaFire*:
*Download Here*

**Note:  I have tested this lot and all seems to be working properly now.  I was having issues with the stairs, so I had to readjust them.  When you download this lot you may notice some difference in the room arrangement.  I also, removed one of the counters in the kitchen and moved the Bar Chairs to the sides. My Sims would not Clean up soiled dishes from this area for some reason.

Also, this is a 'Huge' lot and Sims do a lot of walking. I have come to realize, this would make a great Dorm or Hotel, Community Vacation lot maybe, due to the size.  

Enjoy! mickeywave 


SP's and EP's required for this lot are, (Double Deluxe, Season's, Freetime, Kitchen/Bath, Ikea, Bon Boyage, Best of Business Collection(H&M Fashion Stuff), University Life Collection(Home Stuff and Teen Style Stuff), Fun w/Pets Collection(Mansion & Garden Stuff and Family Fun Stuff) and Apartment Life).

Last edited by BBdoll3 on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:09 pm; edited 4 times in total

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


2 127 Beach Crest Strip on Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:23 pm

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
Nice house, BBdoll!  

It looks like it would make a great house for a Plant Sim with all the sky lights--letting in some great sunlight.

I did smile when I saw the Saguaro Cacti on the beach.  I'm so use to seeing them here, in the desert where there is no beach, that I had to take a second look.  I'm sure where the Sonoran Desert meets the beach, they have them on the beach.  Smile  I like the shade structures that you made on the beach--sometimes Sims just need some shade if it's a hot day so that they don't get a sunburn or over-heated.

Excellent Job!  bravo  I hope this means that you got your computer and TS2 game working again.


Lilly flower 

3 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:41 pm


cool house!

Always Smile because when you Smile you light up the Whole World by 1 single action ----0
#1frnd People always call me Sweet ----0 star2

4 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:44 pm


Thanks Lilly & Sun! I forgot to "Test" before I loaded. Found that my Sims was having issues using the stars to the Music and Workout rooms, so had to go readjust my stars so they could get to these top rooms. Also, notice they would not use the Dishwasher that was placed by they window, so move that to another location. Last but not least, they would not clean-up dirty dishes on the center counter, so I removed one and rearranged the chairs. All seems to be working now.

I don't like sharing lots that have issues. bounce  Anyway, this is a "Huge" lot for sure. Laughing  I was thinking about making this into a Dorm, but there are no campuses on a Beach Front, so I just may create a Community Lot, or Vacation Lot (Hotel) or something, using this lot later.

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


5 127 Beach Crest Strip on Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:12 am

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
mickeywave  Hi BBdoll,

You can create a campus on any template lot--including ones that do have beach front lots. In fact, I think that the Cresent Island template has a lot of beach front lots. You just have to create the campus yourself as a Custom Campus lot. (I've done it.) You can start from scratch and build all the buildings yourself or you can do what I did, make copies of the building you want (none with Sims in them) by putting them into the Sim Lots & Houses bin (and then putting a copy back into your college campus if you want to keep that campus) and then moving that particular lot into your new college campus (whatever you name it). You can do that with all the buildings you want in your campus and then you can re-model them to make them look different or to match the theme of your campus. In my first TS2 game, I created a French/Polynesian College campus which I called "Academie Le Kaimi" because kaimi means "seeker" and I thought that was a good name for a college where Sims are seeking knowledge (and maybe a few other things--especially those Romance Sims Laughing ). I first put in a Sims State University in the neighborhood (Kona Island) which I later deleted and just moved all the buildings I wanted in my new campus by first moving them into the Lots & House bins and then moving them into the new campus--deleting the same building or copy of the building that was in the bin to keep my Sim bin smaller and easier find things in. (You could keep these buildings in the bin, if you wanted to use them again.) Anyhow I renamed the buildings to match my theme (and story for that neighborhood). Examples of some names follow: Chateau de Beaumont (dorm); Ka Nui Dormitory; Kaimi Hall (Dorm); Lyon Legacy Drom; Kaimi Library; Academie Le Kaimi Tower; Kaimi Student Union, etc. The houses that I chose to move (none with Sims in them--in fact I did not play in the college that I relocated the buildings from) were put on streets named: Kaimi Boulevard, Rue de Kaiea; Rud de Alohi; and Rue de Konani. I redecorated to give an island feel to the buildings. I didn't use a template that had room for beach lots but I could have. So, if you want a College or University with beach lots, go for it and make your own custom Uni. Just a thought. sunny 

Glad you are getting the issues straightened out.

Lilly flower 

6 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:05 am


Thanks Lilly for the info. I'll try that maybe when I get things all in order. I can play my game and all, but still having issues with the Teleport deal. When I download a lot, I just have to move them.

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


7 127 Beach Crest Strip on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:43 pm

Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
Well, at least you have a way to get it to work Smile  although I'm sure it can be frustrating and more time consuming than doing it the other way sad . I don't have much technical knowledge, scratch but if I did I'd sure help you, so instead I'm hoping someone who does will help you get your game back on track. cheers

Lilly flower 

8 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:26 pm


Luxurious and inviting. daisy 
I did not know that the glass greenhouse roof could be used like that. Thanks for that bit!


9 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:57 pm


Talented Amateur
Talented Amateur
I enjoyed the "virtual" tour of the house. You did a great job of photographing each room to show what it would be like for Sims to live there. I can tell that you were careful to make sure that they would be able to use everything without saying "Koshas, alagana!" or something like that! I really like the sun room with glass roof as well as the reds and greens which I happen to like a lot together and not just at Christmas. Thanks so much for mentioning me although I think you would have thought of the shades without me!! This house has it all. Sims2 forever!

10 Re: 127 Beach Crest Strip - Fully Furnished! on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:14 pm


thankyou  tricia and glad you enjoyed the tour. I give credit where it's due, and I may as you say, figured it out - way down the line, but it was all you hunni! confetti  Red is my most Fav Color, but I've come to fall in heartpump  with the many shades of Green's lately. This house is huge, and think it would work best as a community lot like for a hotel or something. After playing with it for a while, I come to realize how much the beach is distracting to my sims. They always want to go lay on the beach, or dig around in the sand. I have to 'make' them do other things. Even when it's storming they want to be outside in all that bad weather and lightening.

@ Nonni, if you recall, the Greenman's home has this kind of roof. I'm not sure if it really helps my plant peeps as far as getting enough light. They always need to go outside or sit under those 'Plant' lamps.

@ Lilly, thanks hun. You are such a sweetheart. What I need to do is 'Stop' always trying to fix something that's not really broke. unhappydance  But it looked broke to me, so I jumped the gun and moved something I should not have.

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


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