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What Would You like To See For Simmer's Garden In 2014?

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Hello fellow Simmer's Gardeners! As we start a new year, we wish the best to our members for a blessed, prosperous one. We would like feedback from you as to what you would like to see for Simmer's Garden this year. Is there anything in particular you would like to see more of? Or less of? Post any ideas below.
Thank you!

~Simmer's Garden Staff


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Hello Cinda, Nef & Perrie! mickeywave  The # 1 thing I would like to see more of is, "More Participation" by other members.  I feel we have a wonderful Forum, great members, and great selections of Topics and things to do. We just don't have a lot of peeps sharing in on the fun.

I'm not sure 'why' it's always the same peeps who share things, post comments and ideas. expoint  Once in a while I'll see a "Guest" make a comment, but who is that guest?  nerd   When I look at the Member List, I shake my head in disbelief, because we have lots of folks who are members, but I never see anything from them.  Why is that?

I've heard, (School's in session;  It's the Holidays, or it's Spring Break and peeps on vacation).  True 'everyone' can't be retired like me.  goofigirl  I get it, I'm sure they can find a little time - sometime!  buggout   Well, let me hush, I know.  I'm just  talky    Razz   running off at the mouth... Sorry!  I'm just trying to  scratch  what we can do to get more peeps active, which is the reason for  this announcement?  We have all sorts of things going on here, we just need more peeps to join in.  That's all I'm saying.  Razz 

Cinda, you do a fantastic job making sure our site is beautiful.  clapping How can peeps not like our site?  scratch  I'm just sorta  sad   we don't hear from more peeps.   I was told peeps join us just to get the downloads from something they may have seen.  That's not nice!  No  Why are they just joining to get our downloads?  bounce 

Well I'm not sure what to suggest, as you guys have pretty much covered everything.  I think our home is just fine. extrahappy  If I think of anything, I'll post it.  strut

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Hi BB I totally agree with you on everything you said. It's true that most members just register for the downloads. There's just not that many social folks out there - most just want to grab cc and play their game. As for the Guest posts you have seen, Guests cannot make posts. Those are posts of former members who either deactivated their account or when we deleted all the inactive members (Neff says we will be doing that about every 6 months). We thought we had deleted all the Guest posts, but apparently we have missed some, so if ya'll see any Guest posts, pm us with the link so we can take care of it.
I reckon some members who used to be social aren't anymore because of either real life or they have lost interest in the Sims. I agree one doesn't have to log on everyday, at least once or twice a month would be sufficient.
No problem hunni speaking your mind - we want ya'll's feedback!

 thanx confetti


more contests. or even movie related contests (like for example- jaws contest- shark related things)
Also more active members. Even myself I have been not logged in for months. but however, I find myself logging in eventually.
I mean it's nice for people to join for the downloads, however, it would help for people to comment about the downloads

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Sun, once the big makeover contest is over we will not be holding any more contests due to lack o interest in them. we don't really have a success with contests they seem to drag on for months simply because we can never get enough people to enter. but as I said to you today members are more than welcome to organize their own contests. we d have a section on the forum especially for member's to hold contest's.

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