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In Limbo It Seems!



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In Limbo It Seems!

Post  BBdoll3 on Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:38 pm

hello2  Everyone and Happy Weekend!  mickeywave   I hope all is well with you all and your families and simmie families... giggle   I have not played my game in over a week or more.  I've been extremely busy and just not really in the mood.  I see that "P" is having lots of fun creating him families and building houses.  I'm sure I will get outta this 'Limbo' state soon.

My daughter and I had a Yard Sale last weekend, and Lord Have Mercy, it seems like it was just yesterday.  Where is the time going? sad   Why is time passing sooooo quickly. dancer   I remember when it seemed to take forever for the days to end, now they are flying by in a blink of your eyes.  Sorta Sad. sad

Anyway, we decided, well - I decided to have the YS in my back yard this time, so all we need to do is just close the gate for the day, and reopen the following morning.  No packing at all. Just go to bed, get up and sell some more.  Strangely, we did better on Sunday than we did on Saturday, but I made $155 for the two days.  Sold a lot of stuff.   I' had my daughter pack her stuff she wanted to try to sale in our next YS, maybe around the first of November, pending if the weather is good.

The stuff like Clothes (which doesn't sale well), we took them to the Homeless Shelter for Battered Woman and their Children.  I'm so glad I found that place, as they are extremely appreciative in what ever is brought to them.  Well, the next YS will be in the front and garage.  We will have tons of customers then.  We always get compliments for our things we put out.  They are clean and we have tons of different stuff.  I've been told, "We like coming to your sales because we know things are in good shape and clean, you have something for everyone. If we need something, we can come here!"   rolling lol   Okay!  Thank You and come again!  takeoff

And you get the ones that try to 'Rip' you off.  Give me a break.  I get those that sometimes say, "This is too much.  I can get this at WalMart for Blah, Blah!"  Then I say, "Fine, then you run over to WalMart and get it."  They end up buying it.  Those peeps, I don't come down on my price.  I usually set my prices higher than what I want and they can ask me if I'll take a certain amount (which will be what I would want giggle ), then I'll say, "Okay!"  giggle   I learned that from my mother-n-law.  

I don't have huge prices on my things, unless it's a printer (which I didn't put out this time). Oh, and I forgot to put out my Sims3 game.  I'm still trying to figure if I want to keep it or not...  scratch   It just depends what it is I selling if my price is gonna be $10,$20 or more.  I price my things from Free to $5. I think that's pretty good.  The little kids I usually tell them, 5, 10, 15 or 25 cents.  Heck, sometimes I'll even let them have something for 'Free'.  extrahappy  I enjoy watching them try to shop.

You get to learn by just watching how peeps buy things.  If they run around and try to buy everything and talk you down on your prices, they are buying to resale.  There are those who are looking for certain things, for themselves, and don't mine paying what you are asking.  Then there are those that will want something for nothing and will Still from you if they can.  There are those that will come in 'packs' and try to confuse you on what they are buying - they did that to my daughter and I stepped in with my phone calculator.   unhappydance  "Don't try to take advantage of my daughter your crazy woman!" unhappydance   They come with Big Purses too, so they can stick stuff in them.  Why do peeps come to a YS and try to still is beyond me.   You have to watch them, that's for sure.  If you are gonna have lots of stuff to sale, you need at least 2 or 3 peeps to make sure no one stills you blind.  They will walk off in a heartbeat.

I've still got to sort out my spare room and get the rest of my YS stuff ready for the next sale.  That was just stuff from my Tuff Shed I forget I had out there.  I think from my spare bedroom I only took out the two trash barrels and a couple of boxes.  I've still got tons of stuff.  So we'll see what happens in November! pillowfight

Okay, I just wanted to share that with you all.  Have a wonderful day y'all.  

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2


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