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I've been playing Sims4 for a week. To begin with I made five households. Three of them had parents with children. After playing the first day,the mother in one family was pregnant. I played my two households with single guys DrewRogers and Birch Stetler for two days. The next time I went back to my families with children, the mom who was pregnant had had her baby, it was named and had grown into a child already. The other children had grown into teenagers who are as big as the adults. bangdesk

I do like some of the interactions between the Sims. I like that they can visit their neighbors and community lots, although my Sims in Sims2 could do the same thing when I used the Insimenator.

I'm installing my Sims2 in my new computer today. I already miss them. crying

Romance Sims . . . Gotta love 'em!    daisy
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on Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:46 pmBBdoll3
Awwww, I miss my Sims2 simmies also. I really like Sims4. It's an adjustment from Sims2 though. I will play my 2 maybe this weekend.

In case you didn't know (I've posted), there are (2) Secret hoods. I went into the "Willows Creek", and went into the Tree. I was able to look around more this time. I found some Stumps and clicked on them and it says to Look For Frogs. You can get things for your Inventory. Haven't really looked at them yet, but there are Plants you can click on also and get things. You can also have your simmie, go Fishing in the pond and get things. Check it out when you get a chance.

I was able to go into the Cave in "Oasis Springs", but have not really looked around yet. My simmie was getting low on energy. Now that I know how to use the cheat to increase the powers I can stay longer. I may look again later see what's there.

Enjoy your game hun!
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