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The Pleasantview Pioneer, Issue 1

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Lilly LeClaire

Vocal Legend
Vocal Legend
The Pleasantview Pioneer

"Bits & Pieces"

The Brandt/Broke family celebrated the wedding of Brandi (nee Newbie) Broke and Kingston Brandt at the Holy Matrimony Wedding Chapel in Pleasantview. Brandi's sons, Dustin and Beau, attended the wedding and the reception that followed. Guests in attendance enjoyed wedding cake, a banquet buffet, champaign toasting and dancing. Conner, the youngest and still a toddler stayed home with the nanny. The new family lives on Mountain Pass Road in a stone and wood cabin on the edge of Pleasantview. We send best wishes to the new family.

Mortimer Goth and his still "gone missing" wife, Bella announce the engagement of their daughter, Cassandra to Don Lothario. The Goth family is busy preparing for a small, private wedding to be held at the Goth mansion on Sim Lane.

Herb and Coral Oldie recently purchased a house across the street from their adopted daughter, Mary-Sue Pleasant and her family. They shared with pioneer news that they are looking forward to spending more time with their twin grand-daughters, Angela and Lilith Pleasant and they they are very happy with Mary-Sue's transfromation, including her new hair style, since she started in the Dance Career.

Pleasantview welcomes two new couples: China and Chet Worthington and Simone and Andre Chandler, who moved into houses on Lakeside Drive following graduation from Sim State University. And, congratulations to both couples on their recent marriages.

"Feature Story"

Sisters, Dina and Nina Caliente recently experienced some significant changes in their lives. When interviewed for this story both Nina and Dina had big smiles on their faces when relating that they had each met the "love of their life." The sisters planned a small, private double wedding ceremony on a sunny, summer, Sim Saturday afternoon. First to marry was Nina who is now Mrs. Spencer Wheeler. Shortly, thereafter Dina married Hayden (formerly Futa). The couples celebrated with wedding cake and champaign. The only other Sim was Denise Jacquet who stopped by during the ceremony. Unfortunately, it was a hot day and combined with the romancing and kissing resulted in sunburns for all those involved. So, the ceremony was moved inside where cool drinks were served--all around.

Dina and Hayden Caliente continue to live at 170 Main Street. Following the wedding ceremony, Nina and Spencer Wheeler moved to start a home of their own at 190 Main Street. Nina laughed when she said that she and Dina had a friendly bet about who would have the first NooBoo.

After Nina and Spencer moved into their new home, they did some re-modeling of their kitchen, bathrooms, guest bedroom and master bedroom. Nina likes to keep her house neat and has been seen spontaneously cleaning a big picture window. Nina continues in the Slacker Career as a Professional Party Guest and Spencer is building a career as an Architect working as a Master Architect. They are making new friends, building skills and have even learned parenting. They are often seen spontaneously kissing and hugging each other. Nina shared that she really wants a NooBoo and although she and Spencer are having a lot of fun with WooHoo, so far, no lullaby. Nina smiled sadly and said she thought that Spencer would make a wonderful father and she was looking forward to being a mother.

Following their marriage Dina and Hayden, both Fortune Sims, working on building skills for promotions in their careers--Dina as an Architect and Hayden as a Doctor. Soon after the marriage, Hayden was promoted from Resident to General Practitioner. Dina smiled as she talked about winning the friendly bet with Nina. Although she did admit that she was surprised when she heard the lullaby on the first try for a baby with Hayden. She said she was very happy to move into her second trimester as the she had bouts of nausea and vomiting during her first trimester. On a windy, cold, Sim winter day with snow flurries in Pleasantview, Dina and Hayden welcomed their first NooBoo, a daughter, whom they named Daphne who has her parents blond hair and her mother's green eyes. Before Daphne's birth, Dina hired an interior decorator for the nursery. Dina stated that now she has "only the best" in nursery decor, furnishings and clothing for Daphne. Dina and Hayden love their daughter and share parenting but still focus on gaining wealth. When questioned about this, Dina shrugged and said it's in our nature to earn simoleons. Then she added, "Well, I did take time off work while Daphne was an infant." Hayden; however, continued to work and was promoted to Medical Specialist. In his spare time, Hayden used his gold badge toy-making skills to make toys for Daphne--firetrucks, a clown in a box, a twist & spin and more. He even made extra to give to his in-laws, so that, Nina and Spencer will have these toys for their NooBoos as well. Dina stated that she loves her husband but sometimes she sighs at his behavoir such as when he put infant Daphne on the kitchen floor and lectured Dina about breaking the trash compactor rather than changing Daphne's dirty diaper.

Dina stated, "Before I knew it, it was time for Daphne's age transition party." Before the party, in true Fortune Sim fashion, Dina went shopping and bought a chic toddler wardrobe for Daphne making sure she had new clothing for every season. Dina and Hayden threw a successful "roof raising" birthday party for Daphne. Daphne's Aunt Nina and Uncle Spencer attended the party which has held on a lovely Sunday, Sim spring day. Following the party, Dina hired a nanny to care for Daphne while she went back to work. Dina laughed as she called Daphne a "Daddy's girl" who frequently seeks out Hayden and asks him for attention. Dina bragged that her daughter, Daphne was a very smart girl--having already learned to talk from Hayden and learned a nursery rhyme from her. Despite their focus on earning simoleons, Dina shared that, following Daphne's age transition to toddler, both she and Hayden wanted another NooBoo. "So," she said, "we may be trying for another NooBoo sooner than we originally planned."

After listening to Dina, Nina shook her head and said, "Yes, I lost the friendly bet, but Spencer and I are still trying for a baby. We hope to grow our family, soon." Nina related that both she and Spencer have studied parenting. They love each other deeply and think they frequently see red and pink hearts floating above each other's heads. Nina continued stating that she still takes a limo into her work as a Professional Party Guest and proudly stated that Spencer was recently promoted to the top of his career. He is now a City Planner and is "Perma-Plat." "So, you see" Nina said, "we really are in a good position to start a family. She also related that she and Spencer are anxious to grow their family and have been talking about adoption.

Editor's Note: The red and pink "floating hearts" are a frequently reported phenomena in Pleasantview.

"News Gems" (aka "rumors")

This section brought to you compliments of the Pleasantview grapevine or gossip mill.

Ghost sightings have occurred at the Caliente and Dreamer households. Neighbors report seeing the ghost of Michael Bachelor at the Caliente house and the ghost of Darlene Dreamer at the Dreamer house. All sitings have happened between 8:30 pm and 7 am.

The Main Street Tea Society's "NooBoo Watch" group is keeping an eye on several Pleasantview households--siting the recent birth of Daphne Caliente. They are watching the Chandler, Worthington, Brandt (Broke), Pleasant, Wheeler and Caliente households. Do the Tea Society ladies know something we don't? Will Pleasantview be experiencing a baby boom, soon?

And, there are reports of Cassandra Goth (engaged to Don Lothario) and Darren Dreamer making out and kissing in front of Darren's house on Main Street (while Dirk is off at school).

Now, we caution the reader's that our "news gems" are merely rumors and we can not vouch for their truthfulness.

Editor's Final Note: We hope you enjoyed the first edition of The Pleasantview Pioneer which is longer than originally planned since there was so much we wanted to put into the first issue. Lilly, Editor in Chief Smile

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Post on Sun May 13, 2012 2:04 am by Guest

Hello Lilly, your Blog looks Great! flower
You know I always said, You missed your calling as a reporter or was it Anchor Lady? cheers I am sure you will keep your readers up to date on your latest Sim News. The names for your different News Papers are great, very creative and fitting for each community. I look forward to the next addition.
Tasia :geek:
Keep on writing.

:affraid: abduct bwahaharoll


Post on Sun May 13, 2012 6:02 am by DaisyRaggs

The Pleasantview Pioneer is a hit! I enjoyed reading every single section and want to read more. Great job Editor In Chief! Smile


Post on Sun May 13, 2012 10:03 am by Lilly LeClaire

Thanks, Tasia and DaisyRaggs. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm already working on the next issue. I've also got some information that I'm pulling together for The Riverblossom Review (remember Leod McGreggor) and The Isle of Caprice Chronicle (which has all my challenges in it). I had a great deal of fun writing this (just as I had fun playing the game scenarios). And, since I let my Sims have "free reign" or do what they want, on occasion, I'm not always sure what the outcome will be which increases the creativity factor. In this issue, I thought that Nina and Spencer (who did the "try for baby" interaction first) would have the first NooBoo (as I'm going back and forth and doing that interaction, one try at time) but no it was my Fortune Sims who are more interested in earning simoleons who had the first NooBoo. Laughing But that's why I like playing so well. Lilly Smile


Post on Fri May 25, 2012 2:49 pm by BBdoll3

hello2 Lilly! Just read your, "Bits and Pieces" Blog. Very interesting. I liked it. :afro: I'm assuming this is STUFF going on in your games?.?. Loved it. yay I really need to get back into my game and play like I did when I first started, but after LOSING everything, sooooo many times, I've gotten a little out of playing. I just like building stuff mostly.

Have to get into my game and document all that's going on with my peeps, like you have. This update is really good. Lets me know how much fun I'm missing out on. Do you document everytime you play your game, or after you play your game?

Thanks for sharing the info. Enjoyed reading it! kiss


Post on Fri May 25, 2012 11:33 pm by Lilly LeClaire

Thanks, BBdoll. For every Sim family that I play, I have a story. For my blog, I jot down the interesting things that happen. Then make them into a story for the blog or the newspaper in this case. For example, I decided that both Nina and Dina would marry townies, live next door to each other and their children, the cousins would grow up together. Nina met Spencer first and fell in love first, got engaged and married first. I decided to play back and forth and that included the try for baby interactions, starting with Nina and Spencer since they did everything else first. However, no lullaby. Then went back to playing Dina and Hayden and first try lullaby. So, I wrote that into the story making it a "friendly" bet for the sisters. Then, I put the adoption stuff in as Nina and Spencer were both thinking about adoption. So, I let my game play write the story but added some of my imagination to tell the story. I have plans for a baby explosion in Pleasantview, so I created the Tea Society ladies and their "baby watch" for fun.

So, if I were to sum it up, it's my game play with an added bit of imagination and creativity to, hopefully, make the story more interesting. I'm hoping to get issue 2 out this weekend but I'm dog/house sitting and that's taking a bit more time than I thought it would. There are 3 dogs, Siberian Huskies and the youngest two would be in the toddler/child age range, so I have to watch them closely--can't leave anything out that they won't try to chew. Laughing I want to play a little more and than I'll have enough for issue two.

Lilly Smile


Post on Sat May 26, 2012 1:13 am by BBdoll3

cool Appreciate you sharing that info. When I start playing more, I'll be able to write some stories. I enjoy reading everyones creations.. I've been told I have good writing skills in the past, so may as well start with my Sims. rolling lol Once I get back into playing my games, :idea: I just may try it.


Post on Sat May 26, 2012 11:48 am by CindaLove

Very good, Lilly. I like the way you put this together, and I can't wait for the next episode!


Post on Sat May 26, 2012 1:00 pm by Lilly LeClaire

Thank you to both BBdoll and CindaLove for your feedback. bravo

Good luck with your writing BBdoll. If you've been told that you have good writing skills, then you do. So, go ahead and write and have fun. I've found that the more I write, the better I am able to write. And, I think that you'll find that to be true for yourself as well. butterfly

Lilly Smile


Post on Sun May 27, 2012 12:21 pm by Guest

This was my first time reading one of your blogs. It was so interesting and informative. You did a great job and now I want to read them all. Please keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the next update blog. I do wish that the blog included a couple pictures.


Post on Sun May 27, 2012 2:38 pm by Lilly LeClaire

Hi, TSRagin, Thank you for the comment. I haven't figured out yet how to do the pictures. I only recently figured out how to put up an avatar picture which is a picture of a Sim I created in Desiderata Valley, Trista Maxis. Laughing (She was part of a test family as is my Sim family in the same neighborhood.) And, that I did with help from other Simmers, especially Tasai714 and DaisyRaggs who helped with the "how to" as well as taking close-ups. Once I get the blogs going the way I want them to go, then I'm going to try and put up some pictures--most likely I'll buy an album and post the pictures in my album. So, I'm slowly but surely progressing to the where I want to be. Very Happy

I'm almost ready to post issue 2. I'm hoping to get it up today or tomorrow.

Thanks again for reading and commenting. Lilly Smile

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