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A Possible Story


A Possible Story

Post  Guest on Thu May 31, 2012 8:39 pm

Below is a possible story. I know, I know, I'm already writing two, and I'm supposedly writing the third chapter of 'Dreams', which I am, I just got this idea in class today. This is a story that I had written along with a friend a few years ago, and like 'My Alien' it would just be a re-write. I don't know whether or not I'll bother continuing it, but I was really in the mood to write it today, so I just did. I wasn't going to be happy any other way. So here you go.

The moon had just taken a hold of the sky, shrouding the land with sweet darkness. The only light illuminating the castle was the slight flicker of the waxy candles. Footsteps clicked against the cobble paved floors, and was the only sound that muttered. A shadow cast along the edges of the walls and against the windows. It twisted around the corner and up the staircase. Her long raven locks fell from her head, slid down her shoulders, and rested down to her waist. She slowly made her way around a few more corners, keeping her eyes just fixated in front of her. The dining room came into view, and inside she found the woman she was searching for since she had awaken.

“Good evening your majesty,” She greeted with a swift bow. The Queen’s bright blue eyes rested, uninterested, on the subjects face as she stood back up. “Is everything in order for tomorrow’s festival?”
The Queen let out a soft sigh and peered out into the night. “Only as much as deserved,” She grumbled, her voice crisp like the fallen leaves in autumn.
The subject raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean your majesty?”
She grumbled under her breath at the girl. “The thirteenth year…” She breathed.
“That is true, it is his thirteenth year,” the subject muttered, even more confused then previously. “How does that relate to-”
“Learn something before you speak to me,” the Queen hissed between her teeth.

Another subject, one who looked quite similar to the other, only with shorter hair thrown out of her face. “Your drink my lady,” she announced as she held out a crystal clear glass filled with a scarlet red liquid. The Queen nodded as she slid the glass between her fingers.
“Drinking your majesty?” The subject gasped.
“That is none of your concern,” The Queen hissed once again. “Didn’t I order you to leave me be?”
“Yes your majesty,” She muttered while hiding her face.
“Be off then.”
“Um… your drink my lady?” The second subject reminded her. The Queen looked back down at the bright liquid and let it toss around against the edges of the glass.
“How old?” She asked.
The subject giggled. “You may say… before your grandmother’s lifetime.”
“Wonderful,” She beamed. She drew the glass up to her ruby red lips and took a delightful sip. She drank the glass dry and handed it back over to the subject. “Bring me more,” She demanded.
“Of course my lady.”

The subject made her way up another flight of stairs and walked in through a door to find the Prince sitting with his head buried in his hand. The subject was fairly new to the castle, so she was flustered by all of the secrets the royal family seemed to contain. The prince tipped his head up to catch her sight.
“What are you doing here?” He grumbled. “Can’t you see I don’t want any company!”
“Are you… excited for your birthday sire?” She gulped.
“You really are a fool, aren’t you?” He hissed.
“What is going on? Why is it so terrible that it’s your birthday?”
He let out a soft chuckle. “Well, so you’re not so misinformed anymore: tomorrow I’m turning thirteen, which by the prophecy, I’m supposed to destroy this kingdom.” He chuckled again and gave her a twisted smile.
“What?” She asked in fear, backing up slowly.

He stood up and walked towards her. “The prophecy states that the Prince of the seventh generation, once he reaches the tender age of thirteen, shall begin the Vampire Kingdom anew. He will gain the strength to take down the current society. He will go out and transform the humans into his new Vampire Kingdom, in which he will be King.”
“You can’t do that,” She gasped, shaking her head about violently.
“I have no choice,” he explained. “It’s what I was born for. Which was foolish in itself. My parents have been ignorant. They care about this castle, this Kingdom more than anything else. Well if they cared so much about it, why give birth to a seventh generation Prince?”
“What are you saying?” She asked.
“They hate me,” He grumbled to the side, looking down at the floor, defeated. “They’ll do anything to preserve their Kingdom…”
“Yes,” He interrupted. To him, she was completely predictable. “They’d even kill their own son.”

The Prince of Destruction
So I posted it here since it is not a full story, more of just a preview for one that I'm not making any promises about pursuing. For all I know, tomorrow I will think it wasn't the best idea, and go back to happily writing the third chapter of 'Dreams.' So, let me know how you feel about it.



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Re: A Possible Story

Post  Sunflowergal22 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:29 pm

i think it's not bad. you definetelly have creativity!

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Re: A Possible Story

Post  BBdoll3 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:27 am

Yeah, I agree, but is it supposed to be so dark? Can you make it lighter?

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Re: A Possible Story

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