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We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden!
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We've moved! Please register with us at the new Simmer's Garden!

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 Up With The Clouds 5.3!

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PostSubject: Up With The Clouds 5.3!   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:03 am

Welcome back! I have made an announcement in the Sims 2 Discussions, make sure you read it :3

Brandon playing with baby Tanner <3

They're getting so close :')

Leslie learned to walk!

Dylan: Promotion!!
What as?
Dylan: Elementary school teacher! $642 a day and a $1,284 bonus!
Getting closer :3

Another promotion?
Brandon: Nope, I just bought someone home with me... wink wink.
Ugh. You're a pig, tell her to go home, right now!
Brandon: I will! I was joking, I did get promoted to Theorist! $1,522 a day and an extra $3,044 Very Happy

Dylan: Oh! I'm pregnant again!
Woo! Another bebeh! Last baby!
Dylan: Whatever.

[b]Dylan: That was close!
Then get back in bed and it wont happen again!
Dylan: Don't tell me what to do!

[b]Leslie is potty trained!

And just in time - its her birthday!

Here is Leslie!

Tanner didn't make it to the cake, but she's another girl!


Tanner! She is.. you guessed it, a Sagittarius -.-' No need to do stats :L

Baby bump number two!

Tanner learned to talk!


Meet Mackenzie! Mackenzie has blonde/custom hair, the same skin as mum and dad and dads eyes!

Brandon maxed cleaning! 1/7

And then logic!

Max got a gold robotics badge!

Tanner learned to walk!

Brandon started to teach her a nursery rhyme and they became best friends :')

Dylan: Promotion ~Nods head~
Dylan: Oh! High school teacher!
Weow! $754 and a bonus of $1,508!

Gene: YES! Mum doesn't work at my school anymore!... and I got an A+

Tanner is potty trained!
Brandon: About bloody time!
Hey, mate! None of that.

Ah, the way kids dance :')


Harley got a gold flower arranging badge :')

Uh, I don't think its a good idea to play with Mackenzie right after a feed :L

Awh :') They're best friends!

Earning $2,333 and a bonus of $4,666
Brandon: WOOOOH
LTW complete! Next LTW: Become Cheif of Staff in the medical career track. Challenge accepted!

Wow, pretty uniform Dylan....
Dylan: Shut up! I got promoted, by the way. University Guest Lecturer. Jealous?
Not really.
Dylan: -.-' Anyway, get paid $1,560 and I got a bonus of $3,120.

Leslie got an A+!!

Mackenzie didn't make it to the cake! And he's a boy!!

Mack is a Sagittarius. How surprising.

Uhm, she's green...

Thats better!


Max Cloud.
Generation four spouse.
He aspired to be a World Class Ballet Dancer, which he did with grace and continued working until the day he died. Max was a Gemini who was sloppy (2), Outgoing-ish (6), Active (7), Playful-ish(5) and nice-ish(5). He had four children, Evan (f), Frankie (m) and twins Dallas (m) and Dylan (f) who went on to carry on the legacy. Max had nine grandchildren. Throughout his life, Max maxed all his skills, got a gold badge in robotics and pottery and a silver badge in sewing.
He lived a pretty good life!

This is where I leave you!
Until next time, xx
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PostSubject: Up With The Clouds   Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:55 am

I did read your announcement. Have fun while you're gone. mickeywave But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the chapters that you're able to post.

Well, I see that Mackenzie is a little boy. bounce And, a real cutie when he age transitioned to toddler. I think that Tanner is one of my favorites. She's so cute and was busy learning all her skills. (Hmmmm, maybe I'll be voting for Tanner for heir. Then, again, there are three other great candidates. cool ) Looks like Dylan just earned the Education career reward or that wonderful bookcase, that I love. bravo

R.I.P. to Max. He lived a good life. I did have to laugh at the expression on his face when the Grim Reaper came. And, here's a tribiute to Max who made it to the top of the Dance Career: dancer

Thanks for sharing! Lilly flower
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Up With The Clouds 5.3!
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