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Lilly LeClaire
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The Pleasantview Pioneer

Editor in Chief: Lilly LeClaire

Bits & Pieces

Don Lothario has expanded his townhouse at 150 Main Street using inheritance funds to add a third floor bedroom/sitting room with an ensuite and a new 2 story spiral staircase. After the re-modeling was finished, he invited Kaylyn Langarek to be his "roomie" (Editor's Note: Yes, he's still engaged to Cassandra Goth.) When asked about this change, Don replied, "I hate to clean. (Editor's Note: Rumor has it that the Exterminator has been called to deal with cockroaches in the kitchen.) So, what better roommate then a maid! And, she cooks wonderfully, too! We had Lobster Thermidor last night for dinner." Then, still smiling, Don shared the he was able to continue studying and building relationships while the re-modeling was taking place and he was recently promoted to General Practitioner in the Medical field.

"It's time for some changes in my life," and with those words Kaylyn Langarek changed her hair color to it's natural blonde (platinum blonde?), bought a new wardrobe and got a new job in the Political field. With all of her skills (and Don's friends) she's been quickly promoted from Lobbyist, to Campaign Manager, to City Council Member and, then to State Assemblyperson. Kaylyn stated that she had plans for the future and wants to find "that special someone" and "Marry Off 6 Children." And, she added, "I'm using the 19,000 Simoleons I saved while working as a maid to improve my life and achieve my goals."

At the Dreamer house, 195 Main Street, Dirk earned his "Games of Glory" secret hobbly lot membership card, thanks to all his game playing with his Dad and his friends. Darren continues to paint, the second passion in his life (Cassandra Goth being the first). He has completed a self-portrait, "Painter Painting Himself" and a still life "Sunflower On Purple," both of which ae framed and hanging in his art studio. Darren is rapidly advancing in the Intelligence field (maybe the widowed Darren is still searching for the cause of Darlene's death). He's quickly risen from C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigator) to Surveillance Operator, to Reconnaissance Communicator to Rookie Field Agent. Dirk has reached the top of his teen career after being promoted to Mime on his way to becoming a Prestidigitator. Darren, "willing to do anything" for his "beloved son" Dirk, invited over the Headmaster Korey Jitmakuso of the Pleasantview Private Preparatory Academy or the "Triple P & A" as Pleasantview Sims refer to the the school. After an evening with a winning scenario, the impressed Headmaster accepted Dirk into private school. Dirk, a Fortune Sim, excitedly shared the news with his "sweetie" Lilith Pleasant inviting her over the next afternoon to celebrate. When Dirk showed Lilith his new school uniform, she said he was "very handsome, indeed" and rewarded him with a kiss. Darren and Dirk plan to celebrate Halloween in style this year having purchased the giant, blow-up (4 tile) "Jack-O-Hatten Luminous Lawn Ornament."

Since Mary-Sue Pleasant fired the maid and hired butler, Seth Temynck, there is more harmony in the Pleasant household at 215 Sim Lane. The twins have gotten after school jobs. Angela has been promoted to Drive Through Clerk and Lilith has reached the top of her teen Music career and now works as a Coffee Shop Sound Engineer. Mary-Sue has been recently promoted to Pop 'n Lock Performer in the Dance field and Daniel to Nurse in the Medical field. David Ottomas came home from school with Lilith. Although they share interests and have a two bolt relationship, Lilith has decided to stay with the love of her life, Dirk Dreamer. She and Angela use to fight over the phone--Angela wanting to talk to Dustin Broke and Lilith to Dirk. The problem was solved when their parents (maybe sick of hearing all the arguements) gave them cell phones for Christmas presents. Both Lilith and Angela agree that their parents are cuddling and kissing more often and getting a lot better--"WooHoo" better. Mary-Sue's parents, Herb and Coral Oldie, after moving across the street, have been spending more time with their grand-daughters. When Coral was asked about a possible pregnancy for her daughter, she just laughed and said, "Well, I can tell you that I'm not pregnant."

Things are going smoothly at the Broke/Brandt house, 404 Mountain Pass Road, since the marriage of Brandi (nee Newbie) Broke Brandt and Kingston Brandt. Brandi says that her boys are happy with their new step-father and Conner took immediately to Kingston asking to be read to. Brandi is hoping that her cute, bald-headed, blue-eyed baby "will grow hair soon." He's an independent, smart little guy who loves his April Toddler Bed, has maxed Charisma and Creativity and loves to play Peek-A-Boo with Nanny Kendal Lawson. Beau is a bright, high-achieving child who's maxed Charisma, Logic and Creativity and whose favorite past-time is playing Chess. He's earned 12 Lifetime Aspiration Benefits and, so is currently "Perma-Plat." Dustin works, after school, at his job as a legal secretary, having reached the top of the teen Law career. Angela tells him that he's "very handsome" in his suit and tie work clothes. Brandi found a "magic lamp," wished for some wealth and used some of the "genie Simoleons" to buy a piano. Brandi and Kingston want to add to their family and to their house. Brandi, a Master Architect, is drawing up plans for the addition. Recently, after feeding Conner a bottle of smart-milk, Brandi sat down to play a level 8 song on the piano. After finishing his bottle, Conner walked to the piano, sat down and proceeded to Toddler Dance as long as Brandi was playing. All the Sims in the Broke/Brandt household are building relationships and skills. Recently, Kingston was promoted to Sports Columnist, in the Journalism field.

Over-heard, one evening during dinner, at Le Magnifique International Restaurant in Pleasantview's Bluewater Village Shopping District two couples, The Worthington's and the Chandler's celebrating their one year anniversary of graduation from Sim State University. They all expressed happiness with the fact that attending Sim State "Uni" has helped them with their careers. China Worthington, who started in the Intelligence field recently switched to the Education field, when she found "just the right job." Chad Worthington, after reaching the top of the Art field and becoming a Visionary, recently found the perfect job in his chosen Dance field and has started working as a Ballroom Dancer. Chad uses his Pro Antique Camera career reward to take pictures and sell them. He's even teaching China how to take good pictures. Chad's high level of Music & Dance enthusiasm puts him "In the Zone" when doing an activity related to music or dance. Andre Chandler reached the top of the Gamer field before he found his desired job in the Education field where he's been promoted to University Guest Lecturer. Simone Chandler, having reached Visionary status in the Art field is busy working to "Max Out 7 Skills." Simone recently bought a restorable car to increase her "tinkering" hobby enthusiasm. Both couples still have the "Money Trees" they had in college and each purchased an automobile after graduation. The Worthington's have a green Ford Escape Hybrid and the Chandler's have a blue Ford Focus. Andre and Simone talked about starting a family and said that have even talked about baby names. They want names that will reflect their French heritage. Names they are considering for a boy, include: Christophe, Gregoire, Laurent, Quincy, Timothee, Jacques, Alain, Philippe and Mathieu; for a girl, Gisele, Brigitte, Martine, Aimee, Helene, Suzette, Elise, Renee and Patrice.

(Editor's Note: Sorry to all the purists, but the font with the French accents wasn't working.}

After sharing their names, Simone looked at China and asked, "How are things going for you? Do you and Chad have names picked out for your NooBoo, yet?" China responded, "things are going wonderfully. I'm already in my second Sim trimester and haven't experienced any nausea or morning sickness. Now, that I'm on maternity leave, I'm resting before the big event. Chad and I have talked about names and narrowed them down to a few we really like. For a girl, we like the names: Grace, Rose, Brynne, Pilar, Lily, Blysse, Wynne, Paige and Lauren; for a boy, we like: Gabe, Royce, Ethan, Seth, Jake, Quinn, Todd, Liam and Blaine." Before they left to go home, the couples and very good friends gave hugs all around.

Reports from the Pleasantview Police Department (P.P.D.), Burglary Division.
Darren Dreamer received a 500 Simoleon Reward for his help in capturing a known criminal, Gord King. Report submitted by Officer Ramin Centowski.
Andre Chandler also earned a 500 Simoleon Reward for his help in the apprehension of known criminal, Gordon King. (Editor's Note: Who let him out on bail?!) Andre stated that it "sure was noisy with both the car and house alarms blaring." Report submitted by Officer Eugene Stetson.

The Pleasantview Pioneer would like to take this opportunity to remind Pleasantview Sims to double-check all car and house alarms to make sure they are in good working order, just in case Gordon King is let out on bail, again.

Feature Story

Interview with Dina Caliente and Nina (Caliente) Wheeler, Part 2.

We are back talking with sisters, Dina and Nina. Dina started by saying that she and Hayden are very happy in their home at 170 Main Street. Then she deferred to her sister, saying, "It's really Nina who has the tale to tell." Nina smiles and says, "never been happier" living with my husband, Spencer Wheeler at 190 Main Street, next to my sister, Dina. She laughs when she says that her Knowledge Sim and energy conscious husband, keeps buying solor panels. "It's like they are having babies and multiplying. Of course, it's wonderful when we get energy refunds--the last one was 242 Simoleons over the amount of the bills we had to pay that day." Dina interjects, "Thanks to Spencer, we have a couple solar panels as well, although our refund isn't as high as Nina and Spencer's. Maybe, I'll have to talk to Hayden about buying more with my next promotion bonus." Nina shared that both she and Spencer have reached the highest levels in their respective careers; Nina as a Professional Party Guest in the Slacker field and Spencer as as City Planner in the Architecture field. Spencer also does side projects of Technical Drawings which he sells. His most recent project sold for 608 Simoleons. 'I'm so proud of him," Nina beams. They are both continuing to build skills, grow plants with the AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden, and sew with their Mechanical Stitching Machine by Antique Artifacts. Nina is working on her Silver Sewing Badge and Spencer on his Bronze.

Nina smiled before she told the next part of her story. Then she said, "To help keep our romance alive and try for a baby, I asked Spencer on a home jammie date. We had such fun, starting with a pillow fight inour PJs, cuddling, kissing, and of course, WooHoo. And, all this as the wind howled and snow fell outside. But inside, we were safe and warm. I thought I heard a lullaby while Spencer slept afterwards but the wind was howling so loudly, I wasn't sure. But I was sure of the heart-warming feeling that I had later when I received roses from Spencer with a love note about our "dream date." Then, Nina puts an even wider smile on her face and says, "And, as a result of our dream date, Spencer and I are now the proud parents of a NooBoo daughter. She was born at 6:10 pm, a home birth, on a warm, sunny, Sim spring Sunday. It is a dream come true for us. We named our blonde, green-eyed daughter, Nancee Lynne. She looks a lot like her cousin, Daphne." Nina added that since she and Spencer are at the top of their careers, they have plenty of time for their favorite past-time which is cuddling, playing with, kissing and just watching their new daughter sleep.

The Editor in Chief and the other staff at the Pioneer would like to take this time to say congrats to Nina and Spencer Wheeler on the birth of their daughter and to say welcome2 to Pleasantview to Nancee Lynne Wheeler.

Now, back to our interview. Nina also talked about her pregnancy, relating that, after the "dream date," she was sewing one day and experienced a bout of nausea. She also found that she was sleeping more than usual and was uncharacteristically hungry. She was elated with her first baby bump. She looked at Dina and said, "Thanks for letting me borrow your maternity clothes." Dina respoinded, "No problem, Sis." "Of course, after I told Spencer and we celebrated with Berry Nector since Champaign wasn't an option; I called Dina and told her." Nina continued, "being on maternity leave helped me get ready for Nancee Lynne." Nina related that Spencer drew up plans to re-model a downstairs room to be used for a Nursery and to add a Toddler Nursery/Playroom and a back door mudruoom. Nina laughed when she said that Spencer spent a lot of time rubbing her belly and talking to the baby. Nina smiled and said, "Spencer, my Knowledge Sim husband, was so sure we'd have a very smart NooBoo that he spent lots of time talking to her and still does. I'm surprised he hasn't started reading her books, yet!" Nina added that she craved special dishes like sparkling bass with squash while she was pregnant. Mrs. Crumplebottom stopped by while Nina was pregnant with a cheesecake, but Spencer said, "No, only healthy, organic food for my NooBoo and it's Mama." Nina continued to do crossword puzzles and build skills while she was pregnant. In fact, she gained enough enthusiasm in cuisine to be "In The Zone." With the help of freinds, Brandi and Kingston Brandt, helped Spencer put together the the nursery crib and decorated the nursery in colors of yellow and aquablue. "We thought it would be a great color scheme for either a boy or a girl," Nina added.

Nina stated, "The first Sim I called after Nancee Lynne arrived was Dina. She's been a great help with parenting having gone through the same things with Daphne." Shortly after Nancee Lynne was born, Coral Oldie stopped by for a visit. She shook her head when she found out that Mrs. Crumplebottom had stopped by with cheesecake and said, "that woman can't be trusted. The Main Street Tea Society ladies say that more than one pregnant Sim has had twins after eating her cheesecake." Dina looked shocked and said, "Oh, no! I can't imagine twins! Daphne keeps Hayden and I very busy taking care of her." Nina smiled and said that whe would have welcomed one or two, whether a boy or a girl, two of each or one of each since they so eagerly wanted to see their family grow.

Nina and Spencer, like so many modern Sims, share child care responsibilities. So both of them, feed, bathe, change dirty diapers, cuddle, play with and put Nancee Lynne down for a nap. Nina exclaimed, "And, we love every minute of it!" Then, she mused, "Well, maybe not the dirty diaper changing, so much." And, when Nancee Lynne is sleeping, Nina and Spencer have time for WooHoo. Because Nina works nights and Spencer works days, they do not plan to hire a Nanny on a regular basis. Nina added, "We've so enjoyed Nancee Lynne; we can't believe how fast the time has flown by. It's almost time for Nancee Lynne's age transition birthday party." Just in time, Spencer has completed the new addition and Nina said that she "used lots of pink" to decorate. She's still sewing curtains for the new addition, "in pink of course." Preparing for Nancee Lynne's age transition birthday party, Nina and Dina went shopping for toddler outfits. Nina squealed with delight when she said, "Dina knows where to find the cutest toddler outfits. Nancee Lynne will have the most wonderful and cute outfits when she's a toddler." The Wheeler's purchased a new "pink" April Toddler Bed to help Nancee Lynne with her growing independence.

Nina leaned closer and whispered, "We've already gotten some gifts for Nancee Lynne such as the Magical Mystery's Shape, Rattle and Roll and the Rip Co. Wobbly Wrabbit Head. Spencer's sure she's extra bright and that she'll head straight for one of these knowledge building toys and start playing and learning when she's age transitioned." Dina added, "Don't forget the just for fun toys that Hayden and I are bringing like the Clown in a Box and the Twirl, Spin and Wobble toys. Toddler's need to have fun, too!" Nina excitedly talked about the plans that she and Spencer are making for Nancee Lynne's age transition party and then added that she and Spencer are talking about an addition to their family--a brother or sister for Nancee Lynne. Dina jumped in and added, "We'll have to see who gets that addition to the family first, since Hayden and I are planning a sister or brother for Daphne, as well."

Then, Dina talked about her family, stating that both she and Hayden are working on skills and building friendships for their next promotions. "Caring for Daphne does slow down our working for promotions," Dina said. Then added, "Just the other day, Hayden was upstairs in the master bedroom studying Mechanical skills when from the nursery, across the hall, he hears, Daphne, just getting up from her nap, screaming at the top of her lungs, 'Da! Da! Da! I want my DaDa!' Now how can any Papa resist that? So, he put down his book and rescues his daughter. Since we both work days, we've hire Nanny Calista Despret who comes each work day just before the car pool arrives. Daphne seems to be doing well while we're at work but we've heard rumors that Nanny Calista is outside shooting hoops, filling in holes and reading the newspaper while Daphne cried in her crib. And, when we get home, Hayden cleans up bottles with spoiled milk in the nursery and I clean up water that Daphne's splashed out of the toilet and then I bathe her. And, Nanny Calista leaves Daphne in her jammies all day rather than dressing her!" Nina interrupts, "I've heard that some of the butlers with the Service provide better child care and they stay longer and take care of more things--including repairs." Dina responds, "We'll have to look into that. I'm happy that Daphne's age transition is just a few days away because as a child she'll be able to tell us all about Nanny Calista."

Editor's Note: We left Dina and Nina having a "friendly" discussion about who would have the next NooBoo.

News Gems (aka rumors)

This section brought to you compliments of the Pleasantville grapevine or gossip mill.

This issue brings you more reports of sightings of Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer--at his place as well as reports of Don Lothario and other woman at his place, most sighted were Gretchen Chen and Erin St. John. Lilith Pleasant shared that as she was walking by one day, she saw Dina Caliente storm over and rush into the house. Through the window she saw Dina push, slap and hit Don and heard her accuse of being unfaithful. (Yes, Dina is married to Hayden.) After Dina left, Don was sobbing about losing Dina as a friend, the result of being caught cheating. No date has been set for the wedding of Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario, although many Pleasantview Sims have shared that both Cassandra and Don are talking about having children.

The Main Street Tea Society ladies were all smiles at their recent meeting as they talked about their "NooBoo Watch" and Pleasantview's population growth with the birth of Nancee Lynne Wheeler, the noticeable "baby bump" that China Worthington has and the loose tops that Mary-Sue Pleasant has been wearing. Yes, Pleasantview is growing.

Sightings of Darlene Dreamers' ghost continue along with strange ghost-like noises even on nights when her ghost isn't observed. Dina Caliente laughs when asked about the ghost of Michael Bachelor who seem angry about her and her husband, Hayden's relationship. It is rumored that Dina's response when asked about this is to say, "Hey, Michael! Show me the Simoleons!" followed by "My Hayden shows me the Simoleons every day since he works as a doctor with plans to become Chief of Staff at PMC" (Pleasantview Medical Center).

From the Editor: I hope that you enjoyed this issue. Due techincial difficulties, it's gotten a bit longer than planned. So, you may need a couple days to read it. Lilly, Editor in Chief flower

Last edited by Lilly LeClaire on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:25 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Because that's my job as Editor in Chief, to edit.)
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on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:22 pmLilly LeClaire
Hi mickeywave and thanx for reading issue 2 of The Pleasantview Pioneer. I hope you had a laugh or two like I do when I watch or hear about Sim antics. Feel free to leave a comment, if you like otherwise just enjoy. sunny

So, do you think that Mrs. Crumplebottom should leave one of her special cheesecakes for Mary-Sue Pleasant (if Mary-Sue is expecting a NooBoo)? scratch

Lilly flower

Last edited by Lilly LeClaire on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:26 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : To add the question about Mary-Sue)
on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:02 pmGuest
cool WOW you really know your sims. lol1 Great Job Lilly!! I enjoy reading your blog and your titles are really neat to. bottle So have you gotten Issue #3 ready yet? SMILE. pillowfight lafflol
bravo congratualtions
Your friend,
Tasia, Rose2

on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:06 pmGuest
scaredy I don't think I would let my sims eat a cheesecake from Mrs.Crumplebottom, its probably poisoned. I would let her feed my cow plant though. :face:
on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:00 amDaisyRaggs
bravo I really enjoyed your news and gossip :fone: and I read it in one sitting. I loved your reason for editing. lafflol Great job Lilly!
on Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:54 amLilly LeClaire
thankyou Thanks, for reading and commenting, DaisyRaggs and Tasia. I appreciate your feedback, and I am happy that you liked my reason for editing because I was smiling when I wrote it.

Issue 3 is started but not finished. It's time for some birthday parties, first. And, maybe a birth or two. And, there are some teens who are getting pretty close to Uni--maybe I'll put them in the Mason household (where the Chad & China (nee Mason) Worthington and Andre & Simone (nee LeFleur) Chandler spent their college years. I think that Dirk, Dustin, Angela and Lilith might enjoy that). giggle

And, rolling lol Tasia, I never thought of having Mrs. Crumplebottom feed the Cheesecake to the Cow Plant. Actually, she just puts in a special potion she got from the one of the witches (not sure if it's the Good Witch or the Bad Witch) which means the pregnant Sim will have twins. (Writer's Creative License in use here. cheers ) But Coral Oldie sure doesn't think she can be trusted, so maybe, she'll have to have a talk with her daughter about that.

Lilly flower

on Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:25 pmBBdoll3
Very good, Lilly. mickeywave As Tasia, I too enjoy reading all of your Blogs.. I'm taking lessons... Laughing flower Can u maybe post a pic here of your expansion? Would really love to see the finished product!
on Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:19 pmLilly LeClaire
thankyou BBdoll.

As far as the blogs are concerned, just be creative. I'm basically just sharing my TS2 game play that I've made into a neighborhood story. I do use a little creative license like the bit about the cheesecake and Mrs. Crumplebottom and Dina and Nina's friendly discussions about who would have the first NooBoo and now who will have the second NooBoo, first. Of course, the Main Street Tea Society ladies are a figment of my imagination. But a lot of my game play, is just getting creative with what actually happened. For example, Lilith Pleasant was walking by when Dina stormed over to Don Lothario's place and slapped him silly and then he was sobbing because he was "caught cheating." And, all this was just over his falling in love with Gretchen Chen. They really didn't do much and he only gave her one kiss. And, all this happen outside. (Hmmmm, now that I recall, Lilith walked by twice--maybe she called Dina. giggle )

I'm not sure what you mean by "a pic here of your expansion." In general, I'm looking at putting up pictures but I'm not sure if I'll put it here (which I'd like) or buy an album and post them there. DaisyRaggs just told me about Photoshop and I plan to check that out. And, I've sent a message to CindaLove about whether or not I can post pictures in my blog on this site.

Tonight, for fun, I plan to play some more of my TS2, not sure which neighborhood, yet. I jot down notes and ideas while I'm playing. I hope that gave you some more ideas. goodluck

Lilly flower
on Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:55 pmBBdoll3
Well, I you do have a gift, so keep it up. This is what I was referring too when I asked you if you could include a pic. You said => (Don Lothario has expanded his townhouse at 150 Main Street using inheritance funds to add a third floor bedroom/sitting room with an ensuite and a new 2 story spiral staircase. )

I was just wondering if you could show what his remodel - 3rd flr looked like. Don't bother if too much trouble. Just the fact that you shared this with us is enough. scaredy That's what happens, peeps gets 'greedy'. LoL You share a good piece of the cake and they want the 'whole' cake. bounce
on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:31 amLilly LeClaire
I'm working on trying to figure out how and where to put the pictures up. When I do (this is positive thinking), I'll share what I did. Right now his house looks a little funny as it seems to tower over all the other houses in the neighborhood and all I did was put an extra room making a third story room, I left some of deck with featues like the hot tub. Maybe I'll have to have Dina and Hayden Caliente add a third floor as well, but then Nina and Spencer Wheeler's townhome will look small. lafflol Lilly flower
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