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We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden!
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We've moved! Please register with us at the new Simmer's Garden!

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PostSubject: Gaze.   Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:40 pm

Hi guys, this is just a little bit of a story I've been working on and so far I really like it. But I can't decide if I wanna post up here as a "Sims" story. So what do you think? (:


“Thank you Marisa!” I shouted out to here as she left the room. Marisa had been our maid ever since I was little; she was always there for us even through the accident. Marisa chose to stay with me in the house and continue to work here, rather than go with my mom to France and work for her there. When I had turned 18, just a few months shy of the one year anniversary of the accident; my mother packed up and left for France. She said ‘You’re a big girl now Friday, you can take care of yourself. Living here is just too much for me. I can’t take it. I’m leaving. Good bye.’ Now it has been just a few months after she left, and two days from now is the year anniversary. I shook my head brought myself back to reality.
I slipped off my clothes and put my towel around me and walked to the hot bath Marisa had drawn for me but stopped in front of the mirror and posed for myself. I still looked like I did this morning. Hair pulled up, make up neat, and my green eyes still gave that twinkle they’ve always had.
I unwrapped the towel from my slim figure and sat it on the bathroom counter top. I laid in the hot bath enjoying every minute of it. Finally being able to unwind from my stressful day of work. I take that back a stressful and very strange day of work. I could’ve sworn I saw Jade there, the thought of Jade brought tears to my eyes but I sniffed and made them stay in my eyes. I shook my head. Jade has been dead for almost a year now, same with daddy. Those thoughts brought even more tears to my eyes. But they looked exactly like, only two things were different. They had purple eyes and light purple skin. Other than that they were exactly like them. My mind kept nagging this at me so put my head back trying to relax.
Once I was done with my bath I wrapped my towel around me again. I have had enough of thinking it was them there. It couldn’t have been. They were dead. D-E-A-D that so happens to spell dead and dead people can’t come back to life. I grabbed my makeup remover and started cleaning my face. “Bleck!” I screamed when some of it got in my mouth, and I would have thought that ‘Very Berry’ would’ve tasted like…berries.
I put some pajama’s on and lay on my bed. “Relaxing at last.” I muttered to myself. I closed my eyes briefly and was about to doze off when I heard a noise that alerted all my senses. I sat up to see a guy standing in front of me.
“Ah Friday, so nice to finally see you.” He had light purple skin and purple eyes like the guy who looked like Jade at the store today.
“Who are you?!” I yelled. Half scared, half hoping this was dream. Only this was way too real to be a dream.
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