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 A Long Delay

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Lilly LeClaire
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PostA Long Delay

I want to apologize to any Simmers who were waiting for Issue 2 of The Pleasantview Pioneer. I had to take a break to work on getting my TS2 game to work properly again. I was unable to load any lot--residential or commercial. It just stopped while loading. sad

So, I tried a number of things. I defagged my computer, I deleted unused CC from Body Shop, I deleted cache files (the one the computer re-generates each time), I deleted CC that I downloaded the day before the problem occurred and I even cleaned the Mansion & Gardens disc that I use to play the game which is all shinny and new looking now. Good news was that my computer worked faster. Bad news was that it still stopped when I tried to load a lot. No

Next, I went to MTS or ModtheSims in their Sims 2 section under the "Game Problems FAQ" section. And, there was my problem, "The game crashes or freezes when loading a lot." I hadn't used those words but "freeze" is exactly what my game did. So, step by step I followed their SimsWiki directions which followed the statment that 95% of the games problems were due to CC or Custom Content.

First, I did a back up of the Neighborhoods folder, copying it to a flash drive. This is recommended since all CC will disappear during the next steps. Then, I removed both the Downloads and the Saved Sims folders from my Sims 2 folder and placed them on my desktop. The Saved Sims folder is removed as some saved sims may have CC as well. Then, I checked my game and it ran beautifully (and faster) but without any CC. This confirmed that CC was the problem. Next I went piece by piece through my Downloads folder. I had deleted some CC that was near the bottom with the modified date of 05/30/2012 and thought I'd removed all of it; however, as I got to the top of the folder (I started at the bottom) I found 28 more pieces of CC with that date and ruthlessly deleted every one. Then, I did the same thing with the Saved Sims folder but no problem there.

Finally, I moved my "cleaned out" Downloads and my Saved Sims folders from my desktop back into my Sims 2 game. Then, for the test. Will it work now? So, back into my TS2 game and the test--entering a lot. YES! It worked! I not only was able to enter any lot that I wanted to but all of my CC was back exactly where I put it, orginally. So, there was no need to use my back up of the Neighborhoods folder. I was so happy. dancer

Needless to say, this delayed my game play and my writing. But, hope you enjoy Issue 2 of The Pleasantview Pioneer which I will be posting next. woo

Lilly flower
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A Long Delay :: Comments

Re: A Long Delay
Post on Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:55 pm  Guest
Well, its about time,,, humph.. SMILE. angry I have been there and done that. Glad to see you up and running Lilly.
A Long Delay
Post on Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:40 am  Lilly LeClaire
thanx Tasia. Me, too. Lilly flower
Re: A Long Delay
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A Long Delay

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