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We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden! We've moved! Please join us at the new Simmer's Garden!
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We've moved! Please register with us at the new Simmer's Garden!

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 Resolution to my Issue!

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PostSubject: Resolution to my Issue!   Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:34 am

Okayyyy!  I finally got it to work guys. Peeps kept saying Delete the Library and I could not figure out how to do it, but I finally did, and wanted to share that info with you all.  I was sort of scar to delete what I had created, but they are not really deleted - if that makes sense.  After deleting all of my Rooms from My Library, all of the rooms that were in My Saved List were deleted as well.  I’ve created instructions for those who are still having trouble understanding what to do.  

Deleting Your Creations from your Library.” 
Go into the Gallery, and click on, “My Library” and then “Mine”.  You will see “all” of your creations for your Rooms/Lots/Household.   For these instructions, I am going to use Rooms, for my e.g.  Keep in mind, the reason I am deleting rooms from My Library is so I can copy rooms from my Saved List (in my game), and/or, Place Room to my vacant lot.  That is my goal!  As it stands now, I am unable to do this because my Library is too full, so I’m told!!!
Okay…  Now, to delete your Rooms you need to do the following.  In ‘My Library’, click on the first room you want to delete.  With the room open click on the Delete icon at the bottom left screen next to FB icon.   Your room will disappear.  Do this same procedure for all the rooms that you want to delete.
(Don’t worry!  All of your creations are not completely gone.  They will all remain in the ‘Commumity’!)
After deleting all of the rooms you want, go into your game (vacant lot), and check your “Saved List” folder. You will notice that all rooms, or at lease what you wanted to delete are gone.    Okay, now if you have a favorite room that you want to restore to your Saved List, you can get it back by doing this.
-Open the Gallery.  1). Select “My Library”, click on “Mine”.  Everything you have in your library will show there.  If you have deleted all of your rooms, it should be empty.   2). Now click on your Origin ID in the top right hand corner.  You will be in your personal Library!  3). Click on “View Catalog”.   Everything shown here is everything you have created!   4). From your Category List, click on “Rooms”.  You will see all of the rooms are still intact and available for you to load into your game.  5). To place the Room back into your “Saved List”, select the room you want to replace; click on the folder (Save Room to My Library) located next to the ‘FB’ icon. (*Note: If the folder is highlighted or faded, the room is already in your library and can’t be move.) After you select the folder, the room will show up in your Saved List folder.  6). Now, if you don't want the room to show up in your Saved List folder, but just want to load the room to your vacant lot, click on the “Place Room” button shown on the bottom right corner

**By just using the Place Room button, your room will not be saved in your Saved List.   Remember, all of your creations are in the Community also, unless you choose not to share them!

The same instructions above can be used for Lots/Households!  I hope this helps you and makes things more clear!  Happy Simming! mickeywave

 Rose2 I am Truly Blessed. I was given another beautiful day to do things I didn’t do yesterday! Rose2

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Resolution to my Issue!
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